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Garlic and Pepper

In garlic and pepper sauce, served on a bed of cabbage

Green Chili

With mushrooms, sliced chili and onions

Spicy Mint Leaves

In chili and garlic with fresh mint leaves

Cashew Nuts

With dried chili, carrots and onions

Sweet & Sour

Pineapple and mixed vegetables in sweet roasted tomato sauce


In garlic and oyster sauce


With mushrooms in garlic and black bean sauce


With chili sauce, sweet basil and bell peppers

Panang Curry

Bell peppers and fresh basil

Gai Curry

With potato, carrots, and onion

Green Curry

With bamboo shoots, peas and carrots

Pineapple Curry

With bell pepepers and pineapple.

Mixed Vegetables

With curry sauce

Mixed Vegetables

With peanut sauce

Phad Thai Noodles

Thin rice noodles with eggs, bean sprouts and crushed peanuts

Spicy "Drunken" Noodles

Wide rice noodles in chili, garlic, bean sprouts and basil

See Eyew Noodles

Pan fried rice noodles with eggs, carrots and broccoli

Thai Fried Rice

With eggs and tomatoes

Spices Fried Rice

With chili-garlic sauce, bell peppers and sweet basil

Curry Fried Rice

Madras curry, peas and carrots



Lunch Specials 11am-2:30pm



Served with soup, salad, fried wontons, and steamed jasmine rice or

brown rice (with the exception of Noodles and Fried Rice items)

Prepared with your choice of :

     Vegetables/Tofu 10.95
     Chicken or BBQ Pork 11.95
        Beef, Duck, Shrimp or Calamari 13.95

Fish 14.95


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